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November 4, 2022

Medical results with historical comparative review from Affidea

Affidea, a pioneer in digital transformation and clinical governance, is launching a new analytical history presentation service for laboratory tests.

The historical comparative review of medical examinations is a useful tool for examinees who can now have a more complete information about their health indicators, but also share this information directly with the doctor of their choice. The application easily and quickly provides the patient’s medical history* and allows his doctor to collect and compare the required information about his health status.

With “smart” charts the doctor can compare the findings of past tests with the results from the most recent visits and track the variation of the results of a particular test over time, without referring to files or patient records. The important benefit of the new application of Affidea is that it serves the optimal management of the patient’s health problem by the synthetic and comparative study of the laboratory findings at any time, and facilitates the combination of these with the clinical findings.

With one click, both the examinee and the attending physician will be able to receive the exam file electronically, as the application is offered in case the examinee requests to receive his results by email.

The test categories in which the historical comparative lookback has been activated are: Biochemical, Hematological, Immunological, Coagulation, Biochemical Urine Tests, Neoplasia Markers, Drug Levels.**


* Includes a history of tests performed after the diagnostic centers joined the Company’s central management system.

* * Excluded: General Blood, General Urine, Spermogram, Cultures, Electrophoresis, Antibiograms, Curves, Rast, Molecular, Covid, Long Text and Interpretation Exams.